Every order, no minimum, will receive FREE a small selection of COWREY WISH SHELLS. Cowrie shells represent the power of creation and manifestation. Use your shells for wishes and spells for prosperity, love and healing. Charge them for your purpose on your altar or in meditation and bury them after you have received your wish. (Approximately 3 to an order.)

In addition to the COWREY WISH SHELLS, orders of $100 or more will also receive a FREE PIECE OF KYANITE. Carry this lovely stone to move toward peace, tranquility and alignment of the chakras. The samples we are giving away in this offer vary from 1" to 2" in length and feature naturally varying amounts of blue, indigo and translucent metallic sheen.

Orders of $150 or more will also receive FREE SHIPPING in addition to both free gifts!!

In-store shoppers may mention this promotion to get the free gifts.

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