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Chant Music (click for complete listing)

Tibetan Mantras for Turbulent Times

Tibetan Mantras for Turbulent Times (CD)
Deva Premal and the Gyuto Monks of Tibet

features Deva Premal & the Gyuto Monks of Tibet in a powerful, deeply moving mantra meditation album, offering eight Tibetan mantras chanted 108 times each.



Chakra Music (click for complete listing)

Chakra Healing Chants

Chakra Healing Chants (CD)

Embark on a healing journey through the Chakras on a river of sacred sound. Serene vocal tones of ancient chants, bamboo flute, tabla, sarod, cello & world percussion, soothe and purify the body's energy centers.


Third Chakra: The Orbit - Nam Myoho
Integration: The Beginning

Celtic Music (click for complete listing)

Celtic Drums

Celtic Drums (CD)
John Richardson

Captivated by the telling of Carmen's epic tale of Tulian. John Richardson has surpassed himself with a recording that has all the vivid drama of Celtic Legend.


Spirit of Song
Charm of Grace

Drumming and Shamanic Journeying Music (click for complete listing)

Sacred Drum Visions

Sacred Drum Visions (CD)
David and Steve Gordon

Feel the peaceful power of tribal drums and the serene beauty of native flutes, as they join with Incan pan pipes, acoustic guitars, Lakota & Sanskrit chants, would-trance grooves, and sounds of nature.


Sunrise Ritual - Deep Earth Mix

Eastern Music (click for complete listing)


Pilgrimage (CD)
MC Yogi

A Reggae offering from one of our favorite artists. Praise songs to the Hindu deities done with Caribbean soul.


Renegade Rickshaw
Give Love

Yoga and Meditation Music (click for complete listing)

Kundalini Meditation Music

Kundalini Meditation Music (CD)
Various Artists

This music from the Kundalini Yoga tradition inspires healing and harmony in your life by serving up seven uniquely focused chants, mantras, and gong tones selected for their beneficial effect on relationships, prosperity, health, and more.


Heal (Ra Ma Da Sa) - Snatam Kaur
Power of Prayer (So Purkh) - Nirinjan Kau Khalsa
Miracle (Guru Ram Das) - Mirabai Ceiba

Native American Music (click for complete listing)

Canyon Trilogy

Canyon Trilogy (CD)
Carlos Nakai

Moving and enticing Native American Flute Music. One of the our best-selling pieces of music of all time. Truly lovely music for the home, meditation or healing.


Song for the Morning Star
Turquoise World

New Age Music (click for complete listing)

Cosmic Hum (CD)
Jonathan Goldman

Hundreds of humans humming recreate the primordial sound and take you to a place of relaxation and healing energy.


Cosmic Hum

Wicca and Pagan Music (click for complete listing)

Songs of Yggdrasil

Songs of Yggdrasil (CD)
Freya Aswynn

Freya Aswynn, Priestess of Odin and Rune Mistress, presents the history of runes in what can only be called a magical performance.